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Ultrasuede®, a like suede artificial leather, was launched by TORAY INDUSTRIES INC. in 1970 and has evolved with the development of technology. It is used in high-end interiors and automobile interiors for its soft, rich feel and durability, and is washable.
It is also noteworthy as an ethical vegan leather.

Trench Overall

Easy to put on and take off, this overall is very light and have a smooth and comfortable touch. Combined with a trench belt, it looks elegant even on its own piece.
The trouser has a wide silhouette with tucks to give it a relaxed and loose look.


Rider`s Cardigan

Stretchy suede material with rib knit under the sleeves and on both sides of the body.

It is visually stylish and stretchy for a comfortable fit.

It combines a comfortable shawl collar with a rider design base.

Ready to move

The bold back yoke found on the riders makes it easy to move your arms and shows off your waistline nicely.

The short length is light and can be easy to layered.



HAT: ALEX -Rabbit fur felt

Jacket: Cuilor -Vegan suede

Overall: Cuilor -Vegan suede

Inner: Cuilor  -Superfine wool

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