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Special Interview


As the brand name "POSTELEGANT = POST-ELEGANT" suggests, the materials are based on the highly technics of Japanese craftsmen, and they will look wonderful even after decades, regardless

of age or gender. The brand that proposes elegant modern wear that can be worn

Why did you want to be a designer?


Because of my sister's influence, I used to go shopping for clothes, and although it was vague, I felt that I wanted to do more like this, and eventually I felt like trying it myself.

Do you care about fashion trends?

I don't really care. We carefully examine the materials rather than the fashion, and we are careful to express the natural materials in a shape that is as close to nature as possible while being familiar with our daily lives. The SS21Collection is inspired by the light and shadow of Indian Studio Mumbai to create a relaxed outfit.

Through the SS21 Collection, I feel that many items are used the natural fabrics, but do you use on purpose about it?


Yes, I use natural fabrics as much as possible, considering that they can be used for a long time. The reason is simple that is genuine fabric. Many synthetic fibers are artificially imitated from the goodness of natural materials . I'm not aiming for mass production, so I would like to choose the real thing.

Even when coloring, we do not use chemical colors, but use colors that are taken from nature.





Is there anything you keep in mind when designing?

With a simple design that you won't get tired of, even buttons are not attached as much as possible. I also wear a belt so that I can wear it freely.

I want to make timeless clothes that will look nice even after decades. POSTELEGANT clothing is not flashy in appearance, but I would like to deliver it to people who can feel its value by actually touching and wearing it, and those who can sympathize with it.


Although I am rooted in the traditional beauty of Japan, I try to output from an international perspective rather than like a kimono.

The more good things are used, the more they taste, so I think they will continue to remain and lead to the future.

It's also a brand name, but what is modern for you?

Japanese maids understood across nationalities.

I don't wear kimono now, but I express the simple appearance that is similar to the old clothes such as straight line cutting, and the invisible back that expresses comfortable modernism from modern techniques and ideas.


Do you have any hobbies or ways to spend your days off?


There is no specific holiday, so to speak, this work is like a hobby, and I enjoy playing through making clothes every day.






2010 Graduated from Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris

2011 Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences

2013 Bunka Fashion Graduate University Chief Completion

Debuted in the Fall / Winter 2017 collection


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