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Actual color may be different from one in the photo.

<Cuilor> True Organic Colored Cotton Trouser

  • We aimed to make authentic cotton trouser made in Japan that can stay with you for a long time.

    The 41 khaki, commonly known as the origin of chino cotton trouser, was adopted by the U.S. military from the 1940s. The origin of these rare chinos has been reproduced in an elegant chambray fabric made of raw brown cotton. The design has a simple wide silhouette without the military feel of the original 41 Khaki, emphasizing the unique and beautiful texture brought about by nature. The raw brown cotton is the original color of the cotton, not dyed, and is a light bronze khaki. As it is the color of the material itself, it does not transfer, and as you wear it, it becomes lighten little by little, like nubuck leather or denim.

    Genuine horn buttons for long-lasting use

    Elegant mood created from a prototype of formal slacks

    Relaxed, wide design with a tapered silhouette

    Adjustable elastic at both sides of the waist for stretch


    Color: 41KHAKI BEIGE